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ASSEMBLY'02 [Mobile Demo Compo]
Point Title Group Screen shot Download
5616p Limbo (Pocket PC) Byterapers & Doomsday Now Printing here!
3806p perkele plus (Siemens SL45i) contraz + excess Now Printing ----
1529p Vit 2 (GBA) Unique here!
1430p Beyond the limits (GBA) Vivid Design here!
1395p Kumiakku (Yopi Linux) tAAt 2002 Now Printing here!
1309p Child's Play (GBC) CNCD here!
1197p Aikaspektri (Nokia 7650) Extend & Embassy Now Printing here!
917p period of revolutionary transform (GBA) Matt Current here!
878p Eevil Flower (TI-82) DrVeriEevil Now Printing here!
710p Anarchy (GBA) Halo here!
699p KILKEN (GBA) calodox here!
538p 925 (Nokia 3410) komakomplex Now Printing here!
514p plutoniumia (Pocket PC) aikarele Now Printing here!
n/a Anynomous (Casio FX10) Twinsoft Now Printing here!
n/a Ono (Nokia 7650) Forsaken Now Printing here!
n/a The Son of Grooveboy (GBA) Sca9 Entertainment here!

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